The Kane Ventures Team

Lolly Bak

Lolly Esther Bak serves as President of Kane Ventures. She is a skilled professional with extensive experience in technology and the legal services field. In 1999, Ms. Bak was one of the original team of Senior Management that formed Veritext, currently one of the largest court reporting companies in the U.S. She served Veritext as Chief Information Officer for 11 years.  Prior to this position, Ms. Bak served in numerous positions in the legal services field. Ms. Bak has given seminars for court reporters and paralegals around the country on setting up real time and managing the deposition process.  She is a graduate of Yeshiva University and received her Master’s degree from the City University of New York.

Yoni Bak

Yoni Bak is Executive Vice President for Real Estate Development. Mr. Bak has extensive experience in real estate development and management. He graduated Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as a Civil Engineer. He worked for Bovis Lend Lease from 1998-2003 on projects such as the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. From 2004-2009, Mr. Bak managed the construction of five condominium buildings in Harlem and three large affordable-use rental buildings in the Bronx. As leader of the Kane Ventures Real Estate division, Mr. Bak has developed four luxury condominium projects in Harlem. Yoni enjoys commuting to Manhattan each day by bike and doing winter ocean plunges with the Polar Bear club.

Aryeh Bak

Aryeh Bak is the CEO of eScribers. Aryeh graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Yeshiva University in 1996. Aryeh obtained a Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries in 2002 and achieved his CET**D certification from the AAERT in 2010. Aryeh has led eScribers to become the leader in the field of legal transcription in the United States. eScribers provides its clients with unmatched dedication to quality and technological innovation.

Harris Bak

Harris Bak is Chief Financial Officer of Kane Ventures International. Mr. Bak has been working in the financial services industry for over 30 years. He recently retired from his position as a principal and consultant at Milliman, where he handled numerous mergers and acquisitions within the life insurance field. He also served as Vice Chairman of Milliman Care Guidelines, LLC. He is known in the financial industry as an expert in securitizations and complex financial transactions. Mr. Bak is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Financial Risk Manager. Harris is a 5th Degree Black Belt ("Master") in Tae Kwon Do.